5 Ways To Invite Positivity and Fertility Into Your Life

Every day is not going to be all sunshine and rainbows. We all know that. But what most people don’t realize is that they don’t have to suffer through as many rainy cloudy days as they do. But how does one change the weather?

Literally speaking, you can not change the weather outside. But just because it’s raining outside doesn’t mean that it can’t be sunshine inside. Your thoughts and actions are what determine your internal weather.

Negative mind-speak, hanging around negative people, unresolved anger and hostility… all these things prevent positivity from entering your life. But they for sure invite negativity, don’t they? They send out invitations to every cloud in the area and tell them to bring their rain to the party.

It’s not your boss, colleagues, parents, ex or the traffic, but your own perception that creates stress and negative energy. Circumstances are neutral. You will generate positive vibes when your inner state is one of alignment and congruence, instead of being in resistance.

So how does one change their perspective? Here are 5 ways to get you started:

1.Be Grateful!

Sometimes it is so easy to get caught up in the day to day and we forget that there are people and things in our lives that don’t necessarily have to be there. We start taking things for granted. So today, right this second, I want you to make a list of list of 10 things you are grateful for. Place it next to your bed and read it every morning. Make one for home and one for work if you need to. That way when things get hard, you can read your list. Shift your mindset from stress to gratefulness.

2. Be Present!

Have you ever been on your way to work or someplace that you’ve been a million times and zoned out into your thoughts but arrived at your destination anyway with no real memory of getting there? Frequently we rely on auto-pilot to get us where we need to go. But auto-pilot takes us where we’ve been before, not someplace new. So in order to get to a new mind-set, a new level in life, a new career or relationship or whatever your goal is, you need to be present and in the moment for the trip. Be aware of your thoughts, habits, feelings and the words you are speaking as well as the actions you are doing. Take a few minutes multiple times a day to check in with yourself so that you are aware of these and can change course if you are headed for negative outcomes.


3. Let Go Of Your Need TO Control

When you surrender your control and trust the Universe or God or whatever your higher power may be to provide a path for you, you cease to fight against the energies in your life. People who stay surrendered and relaxed generate a lot of positive energy and attract the grace of life. This does not mean that you have no control over your life. You still need to work towards your goals and make decisions. But it looks more like: Not fighting with others, not trying to prove you’re right, not getting upset because something didn’t work out your way. Make a plan for your life, absolutely, but don’t plan for an outcome.

4. Don’t Dwell On Your Troubles

Life happens. This is nothing new to any of us. It’s how you respond that matters. If you choose to be victimized by what happens, your negative energy will gain momentum. Instead try these approaches:

  • Stop thinking about it if there’s nothing you can do to improve it (if a thought comes up about that situation, do not allow it to continue – force yourself to think about something else). This is called being mindful of your thoughts.
  • Do not talk about it anymore than you absolutely have to. Don’t give it energy! Ever heard the saying “speak it into existence”? What are you speaking into your life?
  • Find the blessings and lessons in the situation. This may take some time, but if you stay busy looking for them, you won’t dwell on how something negatively impacted you. If you look for positives, you will find positives. If you look for negatives, you’ll find those instead.

5. Let Go Of The Past

The past is past, it has no more reality than as a memory trace. Can you live in such simplicity? After all, if you don’t continuously think up a bad memory you will not feel any resentment within. So just learn to forgive and move on. There is a lot positive energy in the simple act of forgiveness. And forgiveness does not negate what happened or what the other person did. It merely releases you from the binds that tie you to that negativity and it allows you to move on without it following you. We do not forgive for others, we forgive for ourselves. Release the energetic burden you carry: grudges, resentments, pain, hurt, disappointments, sadness, anger, guilt… let it all go.

How will you perceive your reality today?

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