What Is A Fertility Coach?


Fertility coaching is an aspect of life coaching that supports women (and men!) dealing with fertility related problems and struggling to get pregnant.

  1. Fertility coaching aims to identify / clarify how your fertility problems are impacting you and your life; mentally, physically, emotionally and/or spiritually
  2. Fertility coaching helps you improve and manage that impact
  3. Fertility coaching can improve your fertility
  4. Finally fertility coaching can help you navigate the emotions, decisions, dilemmas, doubts, treatments, procedures and uncertainties that are associated with fertility problems with confidence & control

What Is A Fertility Coach?

A fertility coach is the trainer to your athlete. Someone who knows the game, so to speak, and can offer guidance, support, suggestions and understanding.

So much of infertility becomes clinical, external, and a list of never ending “to dos” that are often accompanied by fear and guilt. A fertility coach can help strip away the unnecessary, the things that just cause stress, and help you feel more connected to your experience, your body, and your future family.

Most fertility coaches have been in the trenches of infertility and know first-hand what couples are going through.

They know the feelings of being overwhelmed and confused. They listen intently to what is being said, what is not being said, and share their understanding as a way to help you more clearly see where you may be blocked and what your true desires for the process, not just the outcome, might include.

A number of people also used to come to me because they just didn’t know what to do concerning their menstrual cycles. They wanted some realistic advice. They wanted just someone to tell them, “This is what I recommend you do. Don’t worry about that, do worry about that.” Someone to give them other lifestyle advice. People who wanted a second opinion from someone who understood their journey, which their friends and family could not do. Sometimes the feedback was not from a medical standpoint, but they wanted to know what someone else’s take was on particular results, or what someone else thought they should do.

My clients were looking for someone who could recommend other practitioners, talk honestly with and provide everything else that the medical side doesn’t always provide – the holistic side.

What are the benefits of working with a fertility coach?

Reduced stress, validation, empathy, encouragement, suggested game plans, curated resources, along with understanding – to name a few.

One of the best outcomes my clients report – at the end of each session – is that they feel calmer, lighter, and are able to breathe easier. Their mind has stopped racing for a bit and they are clearer on what they want to do next and how to get there.

I believe women who feel empowered to take control of their whole health – mental, spiritual, and physical – while undergoing fertility treatment have a more positive family building experience.

Together, we identify fears, trigger situations, and the information you might be missing. We’ll make a plan to balance all areas of your life so that you can be more calm, present, and empowered. I work with women like you to provide support, a guiding hand, strategies to cope, and encouragement to face each day of your fertility journey a little bit stronger.

The thing about doctors and fertility specialists is often, they’re very reluctant to give you that kind of lifestyle advice. They only want things that will 100% move the needle and they are very research driven (rightly so, but research into infertility is very underfunded. Nobody wishes to mess with the wellness of a potential baby, and funding more often than not goes to conditions that are essential to life, such as cancer research).

But when we maximize our diet, when we maximize how our mind is working and how we are managing our stress responses in our body, then that can really improve the success rates fertility treatments.

What Services Do Fertility Coaches Provide?

They are really varied in the services that they offer as some offer counseling on a regular basis and have you work on exercises. They might review your tests for you. Some can be functional medicine practitioners and will order some tests for you for food intolerances, etc. Some of them are therapists themselves. Some of them are hypnotherapists. Some of them are naturopaths, who offer coaching alongside naturopathy, or nutritionists who offer to coach alongside their nutritional background.

There’s really a varied group of fertility coaches out there, and the services that they provide. If you are looking for someone who is going to be a detective, then definitely look at, “Is this the type of person? Is this the services that I want? Do I want someone who’s going to help with those diet-y kinds of things and those lifestyle kinds of things?”

You really need to have a look at who you mesh with. Understand their personality through a discovery call and never feel obligated to move forward if you do so!

Having someone on your team who understands, who gets it and can give you some really good advice on your journey, I think can be a really powerful thing. So, good luck with your journey guys!

P.S. If you’re feeling quite stressed on your journey, I have a blog post with 5 Ways To Invite Positivity and Fertility Into Your Life.

Want to work with me?

You’re here because you’re ready for something different. You’re serious about learning to chart your cycles. You’re done with the hormones and you’re ready to learn fertility awareness. You want to discover what you can learn from your menstrual cycle about your fertility and your health.

You want to feel 100% confident in using the fertility awareness method for birth control or natural conception. You want to be able to avoid pregnancy when you want to, and get pregnant when you want to.

You want to regain control of your fertility and your health.

Fortunately, that’s exactly what I do. In case we haven’t officially met, I’m Traci — The Whole Body Fertility & Wellness Coach.

Are you ready to get started? Contact me today!


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