Fertility and Dieting

If you’re eating a healthy, balanced diet, it’s fine to lose weight while you’re trying to conceive, as long as you don’t become underweight.

In fact, that’s honestly the first recommendation I make to clients: Begin eating a healthy and balanced diet. I don’t recommend this for weight loss, per se, but to increase the health of the woman before trying to conceive. Pregnancy takes a lot out of mom and in order to have a healthy baby, we need a healthy mommy.

Switching from a high carb, processed, junk food diet to a healthy and balanced way of eating is bound to bring along weight changes. To know whether the changes are healthy or not, is to find out whether you’re a healthy weight for your height by using a body mass index (BMI) calculator

If you’re overweight, losing a few pounds may help you to conceive and will set you up for a healthier pregnancy and birth. You may even want to hold off trying to conceive until you’re closer to your ideal weight, so that you can give your baby the best possible start in life. 

If you don’t need to lose weight, but do want to improve your eating habits, it’s never too soon to make changes to your diet. Eating a nutritious and varied range of foods will get your pregnancy off to a good start. 

Getting to a healthier weight before you conceive will reduce your risk of potentially serious pregnancy complications, such as:

  • gestational diabetes
  • high blood pressure
  • pre-eclampsia
  • premature labour

Sadly, being overweight can also increase your risk of miscarriage. So there are plenty of good reasons to aim for a healthy weight before trying to conceive.

If you do decide to lose weight, it’s best to do it slowly. Experts recommend losing no more than between 0.5kg (1lb) and 1kg (2lb) per week, even if you’re very overweight. Fast weight loss may run down your body’s store of nutrients, which is not the best way to begin a pregnancy.

Eating a healthy diet that’s low in fat and high in fruit, vegetables and wholegrain starchy foods (carbohydrates) is the best approach to take. 

Try to avoid unhealthy diets that recommend avoiding or only eating certain food groups. Fruit, veg, protein, starchy carbohydrates and dairy are all important for your overall health, and for a healthy pregnancy. For more info on a healthy fertility diet and some sample meals, check out this post.

Getting active is also key for weight loss, and for all-round good health. You’ll find it easiest if you build exercise into your everyday life. Try walking to work, or taking the stairs instead of the elevator whenever you can. About 30 minutes of moderate exercise a day should make a difference to your weight and help you look and feel great.

Also be sure to stay hydrated! Especially when exercising! When you exercise, your body burns through your stores at a faster rate. Cells require water to function, so if you allow those stores to be depleted, then your body will not be able to function efficiently. This can lead to an increase in the chances of getting hurt.

You may want to talk to your doctor before you start any diet or exercise plan. She’ll be able to offer help and advice, and can also provide details of local weight-loss support groups. Being part of a friendly and supportive group can really help you to stay motivated. 


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