My Three Favorite Period/Fertility Tracker Apps

When we started trying to conceive this last time around, I became obsessed with tracking my cycles. I tried a bunch of different apps, but the 3 I kept coming back to were FLO, Fertility Friend, and Period Tracker Deluxe. Every morning, I would wake up an hour early to take my BBT, record it in each app, then try to go back to sleep. I would monitor every little symptom and track it in all three apps. I got to know my body pretty well.

Some people may think that I was being a little extreme. And maybe I was, who knows. But each app had features that I loved and I just couldn’t choose between them. Below, I’ve broken down each app and why I love it so much.


This app is both a period tracker and an ovulation calendar, just like the other two. What set this app apart for me, however, were the daily health insights & the health assistant. Daily, the app would provide 5 to 6 short articles centered around the symptoms I logged or where I was in my cycle. And the health assistant brought up interactive conversations where you could guide the app to show the information you most wanted to learn about.

There are multiple modes for this app: Period, Pregnancy and Post-pregnancy. It has amazing visuals for where you are in your cycle, which was great for tracking as it helped me really understand my body. (I’m a bit of a visual learner.) And then, when we conceived and I switched it to Pregnancy mode, the visuals became even more amazing. Now I get to watch as they change every day, showing baby’s growth. It also provides daily articles that pertain to where I am in my pregnancy, just as it did for the Period mode.

One feature that the app has that I have not tried out are the Secret Chats. In them, you can discuss intimate topics, ask questions anonymously and get support from millions of women worldwide, according to the website.

Fertility Friend

This was the app that I found to be the most accurate with predicting my periods. It was usually dead on with what day I would be starting. I also loved the ease of reading the charts. And with the chart overlay option, I could see the changes from cycle to cycle. This helped when I was trying to change something about my health.

Another thing that I loved about this app was the ability to update my data on the computer as well as the app on my phone. This came in handy at work where I wasn’t allowed to use my phone. I could update symptoms, check my charts, even calculate how many days before my period was supposed to start so I could make sure to grab tampons in advance just in case.

The one thing that made this invaluable to me was when I accidentally broke my phone and had to get a new one. The app saved all my information on the website. So even though I couldn’t access the history on my phone, I could log into it online and see the cycles prior to the new phone. In today’s world, this is a real lifesaver!

Read more here.

Period Tracker

Now this app comes with two different options. There is a free option and a paid option. I definitely started out with the free option 4 years ago. When I got serious about using this app as my Fertility Awareness tracking app to get pregnant, I switched over to the paid version.

The free version is wonderful for this use as well, but I desired the ability to have the app monitor my logged symptoms and then give me a decision on whether it believed I had a chance of being pregnant or not. It compared my chart with other charts to determine if there was a pattern likely to indicate pregnancy based not only on basal body temperature but also on the symptoms I had logged and also on the intercourse that was had.

There were multiple other differences in what was monitored and what results you could view between the two options, but the free version is the option that I always recommend you start with. Some women find that is sufficient for their needs. It is easy to update, has a tracker bar so you can see where you are in your cycle at just a glance, and easily transfers from one device to another.

Another thing about this app was the Two Week Wait countdown. It would tell me “If your period has not started in ___ days, take a pregnancy test.” This helped me to keep from testing too early. (Although it was common that once it said 5 days or less, I became a pee-on-a-stick addict! LOL)

Do you have a tracking app that you swear by or have you tried one of these apps? Feel free to tell us about it in the comments! I love hearing from my readers!

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