Written by: Kalli on Life Balance on May 29, 2020

Long story short, my husband and I got married on March 5th, 2016. We were 22 years old, healthy, fit & happy. We’d been together for 6 years at this stage and we had completed so much together, so for us, it was time to casually start trying for a baby. I went off the pill in November 2015, just to get my body ready. I’d been on it for 7 years and yes, it took it’s toll on my body. With no period in sight, I sought help. Saw many Drs, got lots of unanswered questions & numerous tests.

 After 3 months I saw a naturopath who helped me clear the rotten effects of the pill from my body by swapping running for walking, cardio to strength training & A LOT of yoga and meditation! And guess what!? After working with my naturopath, aunt flow arrived exactly a year after I went off the pill in November 2016. Yes I gained weight, only 4kgs, but man I felt good! REMEMBER LADIES, we need weight on our bodies for health, it makes our hormones happy, our body happy and our mind happy. And the weight I gained technically wasn’t fat, it was muscle.

Anyway, period back, hormones in order and I was ready for a baby. Yet by June 2017, still no baby! Why!? I was so frustrated!! I saw more gynos and had numerous say, “Are you even married to try for a kid?” “Aren’t you too young?” Excuse me while I bring myself back together after your judgments, but ladies, there is no right or wrong age and the sooner you get your body checked the sooner you can be back in healthy form, regardless if you’re trying for a kid or not. If your body isn’t functioning the way it should be, then GET CHECKED.

So I opted out of the public system and paid proper money to see a fertility specialist. And OMG she saved our hopes & dreams. First thing she asked was, has your husband been tested. And we were like no, clearly it’s me, I’m the incubator of life. But no, it can be him too, she informed us! So off he went to get tested. We were flying out to Hawaii June 11th (PS if you’ve never been, GO! It’ll turn your world upside down), we got a call, we have a 5% chance of a natural pregnancy with the state of Kerrod’s sperm. It sucked, but our specialist had already proven to be able to help us, I had no concerns. Yes I cried when I read the email and saw the word IVF, I freaked, I thought you only had to do IVF if it was the woman’s reproductive system. But no, we needed to force his swimmers into my egg. 

So when we returned from Hawaii and Canada (adore this place too) we started our appointments and treatment. This all started August 2017. Our specialist was amazing, helpful & supportive as well as still working with my incredible naturopath to support my IVF journey. I also sought out help from my beautiful acupuncturist. So with mix of these 3 women, I was in the best hands to become a mother.

After starting the pill for a month to control my hormones etc, we started medications, injections etc (there’s a lot to it!). And by September 2017 my eggs were retrieved and embryos were growing. The first week of October we transferred a healthy, happy embryo, and this embryo is now my nearly 2 year old daughter!! I couldn’t believe it, after seeking natural help and adequate medical help, I was pregnant within 1.5 months of starting IVF treatment! I was amazed and so unexpected!!IVF, infertility and trying to fall pregnant can be a very judgmental, emotional time & support is all you need. Everyone’s circumstance is different. I did lose people in my life during this time, it’s hard for others to understand, but I gained so much more.

I do believe the work with my naturopath made such a difference, she had herbs for me to take at each stage of the IVF, as well as she got my body healthy & happy, all prepared to hold a baby. My daughter turned out to be quite advanced for her age (which made for a very alert baby that kept me on my toes haha) and we feel that came down to all the prep I did. As much as you want to fall pregnant, I do believe ensuring you’ve done the best for your body first is priority. The acupuncture also helped during the stages of IVF, working with my body to support a pregnancy. I want women to love their bodies from the inside out. Nourish your body. It will show you so much happiness and health. Be intuitive to your body. Eat to nourish you but spoil yourself too. Love yourself and never stop believing.

Without the help of my naturopath, an acupuncturist, as well as my IVF specialist, I definitely would not have been able to have such a successful round. I put it down to looking after my body first being the reason while we had such a successful first round.

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Love to you all


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