Written by: Kalli on Life Balance on June 08, 2020

There’s so many things we can do to try balance our hormones and obviously seeking professional help is the optimal priority when it comes to diagnostic health.

But during my second round of IVF, transferring a frozen embryo, I googled frantically to find ways to naturally balance my hormones. There was heaps of advice, mainly on foods to eat, yoga poses, meditation, calming the mind, reducing exercise etc, but then I came across site after clicking “search more” a million times. I’m not sure why this never came up straight away, as I’ve found it the most effective solution to my body, but I was grateful for not giving up 😉🙊. And up came “seed cycling for hormonal health”. I clicked on it, read about, learnt more searched more, pinterested more and absolutely blew my mind and knowledge capacity with information.

♡So one thing about me, is I love to learn and not just learn and leave, I like to study, know why, how, where, who & what to anything that interests me, something Kerrod and I have extremely in common ♡

I started seed cycling on the full moon, as I hadn’t had a period to start my transfer cycle due to the fact i was currently breast feeding for 8 months straight and I mean exclusively. So I’ll give you the run down, basically seed cycling involves on DAY 1-14 of your cycle, consuming 1 Tablespoon of pepitas & 1 Tablespon of sesame seeds (estrogen boost), then day 15 til your bleed, consuming 1 Tablespoon flaxseed & 1 Tablespoon of sunflower seeds (progesterone boost). As I seed cycled through this IVF cycle, I still did not receive the needed period, BUT nurses were shocked, my hormones were almost spot on for a transfer (💁🏼‍♀️🙌🏽 Thank you Dr Google & seed cycling). We transferred that frozen little embaby the wait kills me every time but 3 days later, of course I tested, I wasn’t waiting for day 6! I had a negative. I was super bummed but Still knowing it was early, I didn’t let it get to me. The next day i decided to self care, I took Milani for a beach walk along my favorite beaches, listen to my favorite music, meditated and told myself i wanted to do a fresh healthy cycle & that everything happens for a reason. I journalled, I journalled every thought and feeling and made note to keep that positive mind frame while i wrote. There’s something about the ocean, its like magic in my oxygen, it does absolutely amazing things to me. I can think straight, I’m more positive, I’m a better mum and I’m so much happier. I even enjoy going in the rain. The ocean is extra quiet in the rain, almost like your in another world.

Day 5. I tested again, know if it was negative but I needed to test anyway,  oh *swearword* yeah, PREGNANT!!

I was stoked!!

I did it!!

But something didn’t feel right, I didn’t believe it, it’s like intuitively I knew something was wrong and I told the nurses that.

Anyway long story short, I miscarried at 7 weeks. It broke my heart and soul, but I’m not the only woman to go through this, there’s so many of you strong, beautiful beings that have pushed through silent miscarriages and I’m so proud of you!! Please always reach out for support.

For some, they’re okay with it, for others, it shatters them. And however you feel about it, is normal for you!

So we waited a long 5 weeks for a d&c to be perform. My body decided to slowly torture me with the loss and I bled for 5 weeks straight, clots, leakages, people bursting into the toilet door and it opening mid bleed (to only be laughed at, it’s not their fault, they would have thought it was a really messy period) and an emotional rollercoaster. But we got through it!

I got my health back on track and continued to be the health freak I am, but totally balanced health freak, looking after my mind, body & soul.

During the end of July, through to August, We went on one of my most memorable family holidays to the gold coast, visiting the hinterlands, the beach everything I love and need and ate a crazy amount of sushi, while continuing to seed cycle!! Holidays are my go to healers, its nothing big, id prefer camping or caravaning over resorts, and keeping it completely simple. Life can get so ckmplicated, and my brain and body does not function well from it.

So continuing to seed cycle, I made bliss balls or just ate them straight. On my cereal or buckwheat, whatever I fancied. I reckon it’s the best alone or in Greek yogurt. Basically I grind my seeds, this makes them more digestible, especially for those with nutrient disorders or gut issues (IBS 🙌🏽) and well as easier nutrient absorption, which is TOTALLY neccessary and the point of this procedure.

I was waiting for a period and……NOPE, obviously stress had affected me, I stayed positive and I continued to seed cycle. This seed cycling was all I was doing as well as a few prenatal naturopathic herbs and accupuncture. It got to the end of August, running into September, and still no period. So I had another blood test and yet again nurses were shocked, my hormones were actually the best they’ve been through any IVF cycle. They couldn’t believe it. Then boom next day i had back pain, Aunt Flo arrived, not sure if it was the period induction yoga the night before or what, but she was here, a healthy, stable, period. I was actually excited for this blood stain.

Everything was on track. We started meds as I needed to collect eggs again. This involves a lot of timed medications. The whole process went through, eggs were collected and fertilized and it came to transfer time after 21 days of injections, (it was only this much as they had me on such a low dose of injections because I over stimulated last time.) During this TIME I continued to progesterone seed cycle (day 15 til bleed or pregnancy), this progesterone supports pregnancy, therefore can continue on and on.  I continued to seed cycling progesterone throughout mg pregnancy until morning sickness hit.

We transferred this perfect embryo that I got to watch grow on the GENEA GROW app. It was a wriggler there too!! And 3dpt (days past transfer), I tested at night after an emotional breakdown and I got a clear positive!! Wow I couldn’t believe it!!

Nurses took me off all meds straight away because of my progesterone (which I believe was from the seed cycling), was a whopping 500 when it was only needing to be 40. That was nearly 1.5 months of less medication i had to take!

And that positive pregnancy test continued to get darker, my belly continued to grow bigger, my morning sickness continued to remind me I’m pregnant and now laying in the bath, I feel my baby rolling around, tears rolling down my face, because we did it, as a team of 4, Milani, kerrod, this baby and I. We conquered the most stressful times of our lives and I cant thank seed cycling enough for making it easier for me.

Im 37 weeks and 5 days and I’m so ready to meet this baby. Oh and of course I know the gender, I’ve just told you all it’s a surprise 🙊

In the end, my whole purpose of this is to say, natural does work!

But not always alone, sometimes we need a bit of stimulation as well from anything, including skincare! It all depends on your circumstance, your life, your goals and your health status. But please if youve been checked out and everything is medically okay then , PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE TRY SEED CYCLING!!! I’ll be back on it once I’m holding my newborn.

Remember life is about balance. So is your body.
much love ♡
Kalli xx🌊🌺🐚

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