BBT In The Two Week Wait

The two week wait (tww) is the time between ovulation and when your next cycle is due to start (i.e. the next menstrual period). That waiting period can be like limbo because essentially there's no way to tell if you're pregnant or not. Some women obsess about signs and changes that they see in their …

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Early Pregnancy and Pepto Bismal

When you’re trying to get pregnant, and tracking your cycle, then you know how brutal that two-week-wait can be! Some women sail through it like nothing is going on. Others of us (me included!) tend to symptom spot like crazy!! And it almost drives us crazy! Backaches, nausea, tender breasts, the list goes on. But how do you know whether you’re seeing early pregnancy symptoms or if you’re actually getting sick when it comes to the nausea? If you’re the backwards lucky kind (like I tend to be) you’ll be both! But if you’re sick prior to getting a positive test, what can you do about it? When I got pregnant with my oldest daughter, 10 years ago, I had 3 days of “normal” morning sickness. But I didn’t even know I was pregnant. I thought I had the flu. And I was on birth control, so I didn’t even think I could be pregnant! So to combat the nausea, I started taking Pepto Bismal. I found out I was pregnant a week or so later, after I started getting car sick. (And car sickness has been my tip off with all of my subsequent pregnancies as well.) So of course, I do the usual. I make the midwife appointment, I wait for the day to come and I go in. She asks me all kinds of questions and one of them happens to be about my morning sickness. When I told her I was using Pepto Bismal to control the nausea, she got pretty upset at me and told me it was unsafe. As it was my first pregnancy, I accepted her guidance and I stopped taking the pink stuff. Fast forward to my last pregnancy in 2017. I was once again going to a midwife, this was my 4th pregnancy past 10 weeks, and I had both night sickness AND car sickness. So I asked her about using Pepto. And she actually told me that it was okay in small doses! I had honestly forgotten about all of this until the last couple months. My stress levels have been extremely high and when I’m stressed, I get extremely nauseous. When I’m nauseous, I rely on Pepto. Add in trying to conceive and it’s just a whole jumbled mess. This morning, my first midwife’s warnings came back to me and I realized that I may get pregnant during any cycle, but I wouldn’t know about it until after I’ve already been using Pepto a few times a week for the first couple weeks. So I decided to do some research.